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Seducing Spirits
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Seducing Spirits
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The Battle for Your Soul

Gives you a practical explanation of your spiritual nature, insights into the supernatural battle within and outside of you, and gives you practical guidelines to lead you into a life of joy, peace, contentment, and abundance in every way.

Most Christians with some level of background in the Scriptures agree that we are involved in spiritual warfare and that in the end times that battle will intensify.  That belief, however, is often a general acknowledgement that Satan is alive and trying to deceive the Saints.


Now, in Seducing Spirits: The Battle for Your Soul, Dennis Aaberg provides a significant service to the Church by systematically and comprehensively presenting the nature of the spiritual battle we are all called to wage.  The various spirits, or demons, that effect a whole range of sinful behavior are identified; the nature of the battle taking place in the heavenly realm is clarified; and the reassuring provision of the Armor of God for our protection is examined.  Then, Dennis outlines twenty-seven disciplines that will help you live free in Christ – giving both young and old helpful guidelines that will enable them to resist the seducing spirits of the age.

 As with all Minister Aaberg’s writings, the entire work is extremely practical, the substance of his thesis is thoroughly biblical, and the abundance of Scriptural quotations leaves you with a sense of, “Thus saith the Lord!” Seducing Spirits will sharpen your spiritual perceptions and give you an advantage in victoriously walking with Christ, even in these challenging last days. 

Pastor Timothy A. Johnson

Executive Director, Minnesota Church Ministries Association

Bishop/Executive Director, Minnesota Church Ministries Association – Africa


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ISBN: 978-1-60266-621-4
Suggested retail price: $14.99

ISBN: 978-1-60266-622-1
Suggested retail prices: $22.99
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Table of Contents

- Seducing Spirits

- The Battle Within

  - Spirit of Fear
  - Spirit of Prejudice (Hate)

  - Spirit of Whoredoms (Sexual Immorality)

  - Spirits of Divison (Disrespect, Disaffection, Disunity)

  - Haughty (Arrogant) Spirits

  - Spirit of Addition

  - Familiar Spirits

  - Alcoholic Spirits

  - Spirit of Divination

  - Spirit of Doubt

  - Spirit of Greed

  - Spirit of Heaviness (Depression, Discouragement, Hopelessness)

  - Perverse Spirits

  - Spirit of Infirmity

  - Spirit of Envy

  - Spirit of Jealousy
  - Lying Spirits

  - Evil Spirits Summary

- The Battle in Heavenly Places

  - Seraphim

  - Cherubim

  - Thrones

  - Dominions

  - Virtues

  - Powers

  - Principalities

  - Archangels

  - Angels

- The Battle Goes On

  - Your Memory as a Weapon

  - Your Flesh as a Weapon

  - Why You Do What You Do

- The Armor of God - Satan Has No Power Over You

  - The Belt of Truth

  - Helmet of Salvation

  - Breastplate of Righteousness

  - Feet Ready to Spread the Gospel of Peace

  - Shield of Faith

  - Sword of the Spirit

  - An Interesting Point

  - The Truth Will Set You Free

- Godly Purposes in Suffering

- Steps to Living Free in Christ

  - Step 1:  Confess Your Sins to God and Man - Asking for Forgiveness

  - Step 2:  Accept Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior

  - Step 3:  Baptism in the Name of Jesus

  - Step 4:  Receive the Power of the Holy Spirit

  - Step 5:  Earnestly (Diligently) Seek the Lord and His Kingdom

  - Step 6:  Exercise Faith (Believe)

  - Step 7:  Fast, Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks

  - Step 8:  Live Holy

  - Step 9:  Willfully Resist Satan and His Army

  - Step 10: Fellowship with other Believers

  - Step 11: Remember that You are a Child of God

  - Step 12: Read and Meditate on God's Word

  - Step 13: Live Humbly

  - Step 14: Bear with, Love, and Serve Others

  - Step 15: Tithe and Give Generously

  - Step 16: Pray in Tongues (in the Spirit)

  - Step 17: Submit to Authority

  - Step 18: Long-suffering

  - Step 19: Trusting when it makes no Sense

  - Step 20: Stand

  - Step 21: Our Help is in the Name of the Lord

  - Step 22: Avoid Self-pity

  - Step 23: Wait on God

  - Step 24: Remember the Kingdom of God is Within You

  - Step 25: Walk in the Spirit

  - Step 26: Surrender to God Daily

  - Step 27: Praise God

- Final Thoughts

  - Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual Attack?

  - The Power and Love of God

  - To be a Christian - an Analogy

  - Salvation Means Action

  - Imitate Christ

  - Restored Sight

  - Wrap-up


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